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Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Sicily – an island renowned not only for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its rich history, culinary delights, and warm hospitality. Serving as your gateway to an unforgettable holiday in Sicily, our exclusive agency presents the finest luxury villas, houses, and apartments to make your stay in Sicily a truly remarkable experience.

Sicily – An Oasis of Diversity

From the shimmering beaches of Cefalù to the historic ruins of Agrigento, Sicily offers an unparalleled variety of attractions and activities. Explore the picturesque villages of the island, traverse the majestic mountain landscapes inland, and be enchanted by the vibrant culture and colorful festivals. Sicily is more than just a destination – it is a fascinating mosaic of tradition and modernity.

Sicily first leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

A visit to the sun-drenched island of Sicily southwest of the boot tip of Italy is worthwhile. Have you ever had the pleasure of skiing on a volcano and then bathing in the sea? Have you ever wanted to sunbathe in winter? Do you dream of a romantic sunset stroll by the sea or even a beach wedding?

In Sicily, all of this is possible!

Volcano Etna - UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily
Volcano Etna
Cefalù - Destination in Winter
Cefalù - Destination in Winter
The most beautiful beaches in Sicily
The most beautiful beaches in Sicily
Wedding on the beach of Sicily
Wedding on the beach of Sicily
Destination in Sicily


Here you will discover the most popular destinations and sights in Sicily - rich in culture, nature, art, history, tradition and cuisine.

Beach in Sicily


Actually all beaches in Sicily are beautiful, but the most popular beaches with the clearest water and the sandiest beaches can be found here.

UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

UNESCO World Heritage

Discover Sicily's treasures: Aeolian Islands, Baroque towns in Val di Noto & majestic Etna! Experience the diversity and history of these UNESCO highlights!

Nature reserve in Sicily

Nature reserve

The nature reserves of Sicily are offering incredible landscapes to discover. We will show you what you absolutely must have seen.

Monument in Sicily


The history of Sicily is a long one, very rich in culture and full of many interesting historical monuments, archaeological sites and memorials.

Aeolian Islands in Sicily

Aeolian Islands

Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli and Vulcano belong to the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily.

Aegadian islands in Sicily

Aegadian islands

The Egadi Islands are an archipelago consisting of the three main islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo off the west coast of Sicily near Trapani.

Museum in Sicily


A visit to a museum in Sicily is refreshing not only because of the air conditioning. Many cultures have settled here, with an incredible history.

Arrival in Sicily


Many roads lead to ... Sicily. Here you will find information and tips on how to travel to Sicily by plane, by car, by ferry, by bus or by train.

Airport in Sicily


There are 5 international and regional airports in Sicily. For a relaxing flight to Sicily, we recommend the airport of Catania or Palermo.

Port in Sicily


The most important ports to reach Sicily by ship are: Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni.

Marina in Sicily


Would you like to combine your vacation in Sicily with a yacht charter? Then select the most suitable marina or yacht harbor in Sicily.

Weather in Sicily


Here you can learn all about the weather in Sicily - the best time for a vacation, the water temperature and the Mediterranean climate on the sunny island.

Province of Catania in Sicily

Province of Catania

Vacation destinations should be the volcano Etna, the Cathedral of Sant'Agata, Piazza Duomo and the coasts of Ciclopi in Acitrezza and Acicastello.

Province of Palermo in Sicily

Province of Palermo

We all know that Palermo is a beautiful city. But also the province of Palermo offers many beautiful places, like the beautiful Cefalù.

Province of Ragusa in Sicily

Province of Ragusa

In the south of Sicily you can admire the historic towns of Val di Noto, the cradle of Sicilian Baroque and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Province of Syracuse in Sicily

Province of Syracuse

Syracuse is known to all for Ortygia, but in the surrounding area there are many interesting places like the Cavagrande del Cassibile, Noto and Marzamemi.

Province of Trapani in Sicily

Province of Trapani

The province of Trapani offers many attractions such as the salt flats, the small bays of the nature reserve Orientata dello Zingaro and the Aegadian Islands.

Province of Messina in Sicily

Province of Messina

The province of Messina in Sicily offers much to discover. Taormina, the gorge of Alcantara, Tindari and the Aeolian Islands are worth a visit.

Province of Agrigento in Sicily

Province of Agrigento

There is much to admire in the province of Agrigento, such as the Valley of the Temples, the Scala dei Turchi, Sciacca and Porto Empedocle.

Panoramic point in Sicily

Panoramic point

Insider tip: Only here you will find the most beautiful and popular panoramic points in Sicily with breathtaking panoramas in spectacular locations.

Lido in Sicily


Lidos are beach bars in Sicily that offer sunbeds, umbrellas and beach related activities, but also drinks and snacks. Ideal for children.

Restaurant in Sicily


Restaurant recommendations in Sicily for lovers of pizza, pasta, fish and traditional food. Discover the culinary diversity of the Sicilian cuisine.

Wedding in Sicily


You have always dreamed of getting married on the beach? We will help you find accommodations and restaurants for your wedding in Sicily.