Monument in Sicily

Monuments, archaeological sites and memorials in Sicily

The history of Sicily is a long one, very rich in culture and full of many interesting historical monuments, archaeological sites and memorials.

Valley of the Temples ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

Valley of the Temples

UNESCO World Heritage

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Sicily. The temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Agrigent, Agrigento

Selinunte ☀ Monument in Sicily



Selinunt, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Sicily, offers numerous temples on a plateau with magnificent sea views.

Castelvetrano, Trapani

Scala dei Turchi ☀ Beach in Sicily

Scala dei Turchi


The Stair of the Turks (ital. Scala dei Turchi) is a bright white and step-like cliff and tourist attraction in the south of Sicily near Realmonte.

Realmonte, Agrigento

Santuario di Tindari ☀ Monument in Sicily

Santuario di Tindari


The enchanting pilgrimage church Santuario di Tindari is a well-known sanctuary in Sicily. The church houses a sculpture of the Black Madonna.

Tindari, Messina

Theatre of Tindari ☀ Monument in Sicily

Theatre of Tindari


The ancient theater of Tindari (Tyndaris) with breathtaking panorama is located in an archaeological site in the province of Messina, north of Sicily.

Tindari, Messina

Megaliths of Argimusco ☀ Monument in Sicily

Megaliths of Argimusco


The megaliths of Argimusco, the Sicilian Stonehenge, are impressive rock formations on a high plateau overlooking the volcano mount Etna.

Montalbano Elicona, Messina

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