Destination in Sicily

Destinations and sights in Sicily for your vacation

There are many destinations in Sicily to discover. In order not to miss the most beautiful sights in Sicily, you should organize yourself well in advance. A trip to Sicily promises variety if you set off to enjoy the beauty of the island with all your senses. Sicily offers not only its beautiful landscape, the turquoise blue sea with fantastic beaches, but also countless important cultural heritage from different eras. Remains of Phoenician settlements, Greek temples, Norman castles, Punic towns and Aragonese churches can be found all over the island.

The capital, Palermo, offers the rich heritage of the Normans, art and culture, markets and a distinctive nightlife. Catania, with its extensive pedestrian zone, scores with the most beautiful fish market in Sicily. However, the beauty of the university city is only revealed at second glance.

One of the highlights of a trip to Sicily is a visit to the exceptionally well-preserved temples of Segesta, Selinunte and the Valley of Temples in Agrigento, which even offer a better insight into Greek temple construction than the temples in the motherland itself.

Another testimony of Greek rule is the second-largest theatre of antiquity in the port city of Syracuse. But if one explores Syracuse, a walk over the peninsula Ortigia, which forms the historical centre of the city, is particularly fascinating. Here, the visitor feels transported to a different time, especially as the traffic is very limited, and you can go on a discovery tour according to one's heart's desire. On a boat trip around the peninsula with side trips to different caves, the play of colours of the turquoise sea impresses in contrast to the houses and monuments erected in yellow sandstone.

Also in Taormina, the Greeks have left their traces in the form of the Teatro Greco. Although this theatre is smaller than the one in Syracuse, it offers a unique view to the volcano Etna and therefore deserves a visit.

Those who don't have much time for their stay in Sicily should best choose the enchanting lively place Cefalù as location. Here you have the sandy beach right in front of your door and an impressive Norman cathedral and pedestrian-friendly old town alleys are a wonderful start for discovering the island. From here it is easy to get to Palermo or go on a hike in the mountains of the Madonie.

For lovers of volcanic landscapes, a trip to the Cyclopean Islands in Aci Trezza is of course an ideal option, and don’t miss a hike on Mount Etna.

But those who want to be fascinated by the baroque style should explore the southernmost part of Sicily and thus the cities Noto, Modica and Ragusa, which are all declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Volcano Etna ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

Volcano Etna

UNESCO World Heritage

The volcano Etna in Sicily is the highest active volcano in Europe, UNESCO World Heritage, a nature reserve and also a recommended winter sports area.

Zafferana Etnea, Catania

Taormina ☀ Destination in Sicily



The city of Taormina in the east of Sicily is a recommended destination. This was already written by the German artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Taormina, Messina

Cefalù ☀ Destination in Sicily



Cefalù is probably one of the most worth seeing towns in all of Sicily. Located directly at the sea, with a long sandy beach and a beautiful old town.

Cefalù, Palermo

Palermo ☀ Destination in Sicily



Palermo, on the northern coast of Sicily, is the fifth-largest city in Italy. If you want to experience life in Sicily, you can't miss Palermo.

Palermo, Palermo

Mondello ☀ Beach in Sicily



Mondello, the sandy beach of Palermo, was originally a fishing village. Today it is a beach resort with one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily.

Mondello, Palermo

Catania ☀ Destination in Sicily



Catania is a seaport city on the east coast of Sicily between the Ionian Sea and the active volcano Etna, built in the Sicilian Baroque style.

Catania, Catania

Syracuse ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily


UNESCO World Heritage

In Syracuse we recommend you to visit the necropolis of Pantalica and the enchanting island of Ortygia, the oldest part of this impressive city.

Siracusa, Siracusa

Val di Noto ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

Val di Noto

UNESCO World Heritage

Noto ☀ Destination in Sicily



The baroque town of Noto in the Val di Noto, which was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002, is worth a visit and has many attractions.

Noto, Ragusa

Ragusa ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily


UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in the province of the same name in the Val di Noto and is characterized by the deep gorges of the Monti Iblei

Ragusa, Ragusa

Marina di Ragusa ☀ Destination in Sicily

Marina di Ragusa


Marina di Ragusa is a tourist hotspot in the south of Sicily with a beautiful promenade, kilometres of sandy beach and an attractive town centre.

Marina di Ragusa, Ragusa

Modica ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily


UNESCO World Heritage

The city of chocolate and 100 churches - the UNESCO World Heritage Site presents itself as a late Baroque Sicilian beauty of the Val di Noto.

Modica, Ragusa

Scicli ☀ UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily


UNESCO World Heritage

Scicli situated in a natural setting of rare beauty like the Val di Noto, has been declared a natural heritage of UNESCO with Ragusa, Modica and Noto.

Scicli, Ragusa

Marzamemi ☀ Destination in Sicily



The romantic fishing village Marzamemi in the Pachino area (region of Siracusa) is known for its tuna specialties and its charming atmosphere.

Marzamemi, Siracusa

Selinunte ☀ Monument in Sicily



Selinunt, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Sicily, offers numerous temples on a plateau with magnificent sea views.

Castelvetrano, Trapani

Trapani ☀ Destination in Sicily



The capital of the province of the same name fascinates not only with its ancient old town, but is also a testimony of wealth and trade

Trapani, Trapani

Saline di Trapani ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily

Saline di Trapani

Nature reserve

The Saline di Trapani e Paceco is a nature reserve at the west coast of Sicily. Besides Mediterranean flora and fauna, there is a saline work museum.

Nubia Paceco, Trapani

Erice ☀ Destination in Sicily



A medieval town centre with its historic buildings, a magnificent view and traditional delicious almond biscuits attract visitors to Erice.

Erice, Trapani

Gorges of Alcantara ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily

Gorges of Alcantara

Nature reserve

The gorges of Alcantara give us a unique scenery in the world, an unmissable and wonderful place.Ideal for the lovers of nature and excursions.

Gole Alcantara, Messina

Lipari ☀ Aeolian Islands in Sicily


Aeolian Islands

Lipari is the largest and also the most visited of the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily. Here ferries dock to reach all the islands.

Lipari, Messina

Stromboli ☀ Aeolian Islands in Sicily


Aeolian Islands

The island of Stromboli, with an active volcano, is probably the most famous of the Aeolian Islands and a popular destination among tourists.

Stromboli, Messina

Vulcano ☀ Aeolian Islands in Sicily


Aeolian Islands

Vulcano is one of the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the northern coast of Sicily with an active volcano and a popular mud bath.

Vulcano, Messina

Salina ☀ Aeolian Islands in Sicily


Aeolian Islands

Salina, the second largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is known for its Malvasia wine, its delicious capers and its tranquility.

Salina, Messina

Santo Stefano di Camastra ☀ Destination in Sicily

Santo Stefano di Camastra


Santo Stefano di Camastra is a wonderful village in Sicily between the sea and the mountains where you find art, colors, culture and tradition.

Santo Stefano di Camastra, Messina

Pietre Nere - Pozzallo ☀ Beach in Sicily

Pietre Nere - Pozzallo


Pozzallo, Ragusa

Donnalucata ☀ Destination in Sicily



Donnalucata offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily and is located in the south between Marina di Ragusa and Marina di Modica.

Donnalucata, Ragusa

Vendicari ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily


Nature reserve

Snorkeling in the crystal clear sea, bird watching or hiking in the nature - the nature reserve Vendicari in the south of Sicily offers a lot more.

Noto, Siracusa

Messina ☀ Destination in Sicily



"Do you know the land where the cedars bloom? Splendon among the brown leaves oranges of gold, for the azure sky a gentle zephyr blows ...." (Goethe)

Messina, Messina

Parco dei Nebrodi ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily

Parco dei Nebrodi

Nature reserve

In the mountains of the Monti Nebrodi there is the largest wooded area in Sicily and one of the largest parks in Europe - the Parco dei Nebrodi.

Cesarò, Messina

Santuario di Tindari ☀ Monument in Sicily

Santuario di Tindari


Tindari, Messina

Theatre of Tindari ☀ Monument in Sicily

Theatre of Tindari


The ancient theater of Tindari (Tyndaris) with breathtaking panorama is located in an archaeological site in the province of Messina, north of Sicily.

Tindari, Messina

Laghetti di Marinello ☀ Beach in Sicily

Laghetti di Marinello


The nature reserve Laghetti di Marinello offers one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Sicily. Ideal for surfing, hiking or swimming.

Oliveri - Marinello, Messina

Milazzo ☀ Destination in Sicily



Milazzo, belongs to the circle of the most beautiful villages in Italy thanks to it's beautiful monuments, such as the majestic and imposing castle.

Milazzo, Messina

Piscina di Venere ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily

Piscina di Venere

Nature reserve

For hikers, nature enthusiasts, snorkelers, divers and explorers the Piscina di Venere on the Capo di Milazzo in Sicily is highly recommended.

Milazzo, Messina

Oliveri ☀ Destination in Sicily



Oliveri, Messina

Capo d'Orlando ☀ Destination in Sicily

Capo d'Orlando


Capo d'Orlando is a pretty town on the north coast of Sicily with a very long beach promenade ideal for walking and dining on sunset.

Capo d'Orlando, Messina

Savoca ☀ Destination in Sicily



Savoca, located in eastern Sicily, is known as the location for several scenes in the film trilogy "The Godfather" directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Savoca, Messina

Montalbano Elicona ☀ Destination in Sicily

Montalbano Elicona


Montalbano Elicona, Messina

Novara di Sicilia ☀ Destination in Sicily

Novara di Sicilia


Novara di Sicilia, Messina

Parco Museo Jalari ☀ Museum in Sicily

Parco Museo Jalari


Barcellona P.G., Messina

Gioiosa Marea ☀ Destination in Sicily

Gioiosa Marea


Gioiosa Marea, Messina

Acireale ☀ Destination in Sicily



Acireale, Catania

Tonnarella ☀ Destination in Sicily



Tonnarella, Messina

Rodì Milici ☀ Destination in Sicily

Rodì Milici


Rodì Milici, Messina

Favara ☀ Destination in Sicily



Favara, Agrigento