Beach in Sicily

Scala dei Turchi

Beach in Sicily

The Stair of the Turks (ital. Scala dei Turchi) is a bright white and step-like cliff and tourist attraction in the south of Sicily near Realmonte.

  • 92010 Realmonte
    Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
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Scala dei Turchi is a white rock with beautiful beach in the south of Sicily

The Scala dei Turchi is one of the most impressive natural wonders of Sicily and a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of the island.

The Scala dei Turchi, translated as Stair of the Turks, is a limestone rock formation on the southern coast of Sicily, in the Province of Agrigento. This natural phenomenon has been formed by erosion over the years and captivates with its characteristic white color, creating a stark contrast with the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

What makes the Scala dei Turchi so unique is its unusual shape – resembling a gigantic staircase leading into the sea. This natural staircase is composed of layers of deposited limestone, shaped over time by wind and waves. The smooth, rounded forms and the radiant white color of the rock give it an almost surreal beauty.

The naming of the Scala dei Turchi dates back to the history of Sicily. During medieval times, the island was often threatened by invaders, including Saracen pirates. It is believed that these pirates used the white cliffs of the Scala dei Turchi as a landmark while raiding the coast. Hence, the rock formation was named Stair of the Turks.

Today, the Scala dei Turchi is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. It not only offers a spectacular backdrop for photographers and nature enthusiasts, but also provides an opportunity to experience the beauty of Sicily in its purest form.

For visitors wishing to explore the Scala dei Turchi, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes for exploring the surroundings, as well as sunscreen and water to protect against the Mediterranean sun. Please remember your camera to capture the unforgettable moments of this fascinating place!

We hope this brief overview has inspired you to discover and experience the Scala dei Turchi on your next visit to Sicily. The Stair of the Turks awaits you!

The Scala dei Turchi is easily accessible by car, and it is recommended that you enter Realmonte as the destination for your navigation device. The town of Realmonte is in the immediate vicinity of Scala dei Turchi. If you are traveling by car, simply follow the road signs towards Agrigento and then on to the coast. There are several parking lots along the road to Scala dei Turchi, but these can often fill up quickly in the summer months. It is recommended to arrive early to find a parking space or consider alternative means of transportation such as public transport or cabs to reach the place stress-free.