Scala dei Turchi - Beach in Sicily

The Stair of the Turks (ital. Scala dei Turchi) is a bright white and step-like cliff and tourist attraction in the south of Sicily near Realmonte.


Scala dei Turchi is a white rock with beautiful beach in the south of Sicily

Such a snow-white rock, which descends from the sea to the land 50 meters higher, is not seen every day. One story says that the Stair of the Turks (ital. Scala dei Turchi) was the gateway of the conquerors. Another says that the second part of the name comes from Saracen pirates, popularly called "Turks", who, during raids, are said to have anchored their boats in the shelter of the rock. We leave it up to you to decide which of these is true. In any case, you should have seen this monumental rock with beautiful sandy beach once.

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Here are the coordinates for your GPS:

  • Latitude: 37.289947859693
  • Longitude: 13.472778797150
  • 92010 Realmonte
    Agrigento, Sicily, Italy