Nature reserve in Sicily

Parco dei Nebrodi

Nature reserve in Sicily

In the mountains of the Monti Nebrodi there is the largest wooded area in Sicily and one of the largest parks in Europe - the Parco dei Nebrodi.

  • 98033 Cesarò
    Messina, Sicily, Italy
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The natural park Parco dei Nebrodi for hikers and nature lovers

The largest nature reserve and forest area in Sicily invites you, especially in summer, to long hikes in the cool mountains of the Monti Nebrodi. The regional park Parco dei Nebrodi around the Monti Nebrodi was opened on 4 August 1993, making it one of the largest regional parks in Europe. Its main aim is to protect the varied flora and fauna of this mountain range on the north-eastern coast of Sicily. The nature park is located mainly in the province of Messina, as well as in the province of Catania and Enna.

On your walk through the nature reserve Parco dei Nebrodi you will see beautiful mountains, crystal clear rivers, typical Sicilian villages, wonderful views and never-ending forests.

The park is bordered to the north by the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the south by the volcano Etna and the rivers Alcantara and Simeto.

Particularly worth seeing are the steep limestone rocks called "Rocche del Crasto", the very beautiful lake "Lago Maulazzo" on the northeastern hills of Monte Soro, and the lake "Lago Biviere" in the municipality of Cesarò, which turns red in summer due to the blooming of microalgae.

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