Weather in Sicily

The best time for a vacation in Sicily regarding the weather is ...

You guessed it right - all year round. In Sicily, every season has its charm.

The weather in Sicily is as varied as the landscapes of the Mediterranean island. Mild winters and long, hot summers characterize the climate of the coastal regions, while the interior is dominated by a continental climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters. At higher altitudes, snow can be expected in winter, and this is particularly present on Mount Etna. But the warm and dry climate brought Sicily the nickname Island of the Sun.

To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.

The travel season starts at Easter and usually ends in November. But already in February/March a visit is worthwhile because beginning with the almond blossom, the landscape changes into a sea of blossoms, in which mimosa provide for yellow splashes of color. While the meadows are covered with a sea of wild flowers, the pink and white flowers of the orange and cherry trees follow. This is the best season for cultural trips to Palermo or Catania. Furthermore, very worth seeing are the baroque cities in the Val di Noto like Noto, Ragusa or Modica.

The temperatures at the beginning of the season are between 17 and 23 °C, but in late spring already 24 - 27 °C. In summer, the mercury column climbs above 40 °C and the sea also has bathtub temperature. Summer is, of course, the best time for a vacation in Sicily. 

The best time for a vacation in Sicily

Summer is, of course, the best time for a vacation in Sicily. However, the summer in Sicily is probably the longest in Europe. The summer starts in May and ends in October. In any case, during this period you can go swimming in the sea because the water temperature is between 19 °C and 28 °C.

Conclusion: Sun worshipers and bathers can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Sicily from May to October. For active vacationers and culture lovers, we recommend the pleasant weather of Sicily in spring and autumn.

Temperature highs °C141516182226303027231916
Temperature lows °C101011121620232421171411
Water temperature °C151415161923262826232017
Sunshine hours h3.
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