Beach in Sicily

Laghetti di Marinello

Beach in Sicily

The nature reserve Laghetti di Marinello offers one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Sicily. Ideal for surfing, hiking or swimming.

  • 98066 Patti
    Messina, Sicily, Italy
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The Laghetti di Marinello is a nature reserve with a beautiful sandy beach

Welcome to paradise! The Laghetti di Marinello nature reserve in Sicily is a true masterpiece of nature that will captivate you. Here, azure blue water, golden sand, and green hills merge into a harmonious whole.

About Laghetti di Marinello

The Laghetti di Marinello are a unique collection of saltwater lagoons nestled between the Tyrrhenian Sea and majestic mountains. This nature reserve extends over 2 km and is home to various plant and animal species, making it a hotspot for biodiversity.

Located on the north coast of Sicily, approximately 60 kilometers from Messina towards Palermo and below the Santuario di Tindari. The sanctuary church on Capo Tindari is one of the most famous shrines in Sicily, housing the sculpture of the legendary Black Madonna. A highly recommended and truly uniquely beautiful sight!

The Lagoons

The lagoons are the heart of this nature reserve. The calm, clear water shimmers in various shades of blue, inviting relaxation. Take a boat tour to explore the lagoons up close and experience their breathtaking beauty. The colorful variety of waterbirds that call this place home makes it a paradise for birdwatchers.

The Beach

The beach of Laghetti di Marinello is an oasis of tranquility and one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. The fine, golden sand stretches along the coast, perfect for leisurely walks or a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear water. Ideal for letting your soul unwind and leaving the everyday stress behind.

During the summer months, boats can take you to the tip of the lagoon for a small fee. If you provide the boatman with a specific time, he will pick you up at that time.

The Marinello district is the “jewel” of Oliveri and offers several restaurants, beach bars, and sports activities such as beach volleyball, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

The Legend

As a popular explanation for the natural phenomenon of “mare secco” (dry lake), a legend is told: A small child fell from the mountain into the waves. The mother, a pilgrim, prayed to the holy Virgin Mary in her distress. As a result, a hand rose from the sea, saving the child. The shape of the sandbank in the Tindari lagoon, the Laghetti di Marinello, can be interpreted as an arm with a hand stretched out from the island.

Hikes and Views

For the adventurous, the surrounding hills and mountains offer numerous hiking opportunities. Enjoy spectacular views of the lagoons, the sea, and the surrounding landscape. A photo at the viewpoints will become an unforgettable souvenir of your stay.

Sustainable Tourism

The Laghetti di Marinello nature reserve actively promotes environmental protection. Your visit contributes to preserving the beauty of this place. Support sustainable tourism and respect the natural environment.

Your Dream Vacation in Sicily

Discover Laghetti di Marinello and experience unforgettable moments in the midst of untouched nature. Book your vacation rental in Sicily now and immerse yourself in the beauty of this magical place.

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