UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily


UNESCO World Heritage in Sicily

The city of chocolate and 100 churches - the UNESCO World Heritage Site presents itself as a late Baroque Sicilian beauty of the Val di Noto.

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Baroque Modica - UNESCO World Heritage Site with centuries of chocolate tradition

A picturesque city that enchants with its baroque charm and delicious chocolate creations! Immerse yourself in the rich history and architecture as you stroll through the narrow streets of the old town. Modica is an indispensable destination for history lovers, gourmets and cultural explorers. In the upper town of Modica Alta, and thus in the older part, the Duomo di San Giorgio idomiantes as a late Baroque masterpiece, which can be reached via a seemingly endless outside staircase. The architectural antithesis in the lower town of Modica Bassa is the Duomo San Pietro, whose stairway is lined with larger-than-life statues of the twelve apostles. Nearby, the cave church of S. Niccolò Inferiore with Byzantine frescoes was discovered in the 20th century. There is no lack of churches, since Modica is also called the city of 100 churches.

Attractions in Modica

  1. Baroque Splendor: Admire the impressive Baroque architecture that makes Modica a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the Cathedral of San Giorgio, with its majestic facade and artistic interiors.
  2. Ancient Beauty: Visit the Ancient Theater of Modica, a well-preserved relic from the Greek era, offering breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding valley.
  3. Chocolate Paradise: Modica is well-known for its traditionally made chocolate, prepared in the Aztec style. Taste and purchase this delicious treat in local confetterie shops.
  4. Via Frigia: Stroll along this charming street lined with characteristic houses that will transport you back in time.
  5. Castello dei Conti: Explore the remains of the medieval castle and enjoy the stunning views of Modica and the surrounding countryside.
  6. Casa Museo di Salvatore Quasimodo: Immerse yourself in the life and work of the famous Sicilian poet Salvatore Quasimodo by visiting his former home, now a museum.
  7. Culinary Delights: Indulge in the authentic Sicilian cuisine at the cozy trattorias and restaurants of Modica. Don't miss the famous Pasta alla Norma and other local specialties.
  8. Passeggiata in Parco delle Rimembranze: Relax in this beautiful park surrounded by greenery and a peaceful atmosphere.


Parking in the old town is difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to park at Corso Umberto I: free of charge at the parking Viale Medaglie d'Oro or at Piazzale Falcone e Borsellino.  

Opening Hours & Prices

Duomo San Pietro 
Corso San Pietro 
Daily 9.00 - 13.00, 16.00 - 19.30

Casa Quasimodo 
Via Posterla 84 
Daily 10.30 - 13.00, 15.30 - 19.30

Cave Church of S. Niccolò  
Inferiore Via Grimaldi, 89 
Tuesday closed, otherwise daily 10.00 - 13.00, 16.00 - 19.00 
Admission: €2.00, reduced €1.50