Nature reserve in Sicily

Gorges of Alcantara

Nature reserve in Sicily

The gorges of Alcantara give us a unique scenery in the world, an unmissable and wonderful place.Ideal for the lovers of nature and excursions.

  • Via Nazionale, 5
    98030 Gole Alcantara
    Messina, Sicily, Italy
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Those who come on holiday in Sicily can not miss the gorges of the Alcantara,

an indispensable destination for nature lovers.

They are located in the province of Messina, near Francavilla di Sicilia, in the Alcantara Valley where the river of the same name flows between the towns of Castiglione di Sicilia and Motta Camastra. Over the years various hypotheses have been told about the origins of this marvelous natural scenery, but even today there are no certainties about the phenomena that created the Alcantara Gorges. The only sure thing is that thousands of years ago a lava flow coming from the Etna crater Mojo invaded the river covering it entirely with lava. The peculiarity of the Gorges is that the lava has cooled slowly forming very high rock walls with prismatic, pentagonal and hexagonal shapes. Over the years, the Alcantara River with its icy waters has slowly eroded the walls of the river, creating a landscape similar to a Canyon, "the Alcantara Gorges". Today, we can admire a fascinating geological landscape, made of rocky walls with strange and particular shapes, crossed by beautiful waterfalls, small lakes and small rivers. During your walk you will also meet small beaches, where to stop for a break or simply to admire the rocky walls. From the source, descending towards the valley and then towards the gorges, the landscape changes.

At the beginning, in fact, you will be submerged by the green of the Mediterranean scrub with its delicious and colorful prickly pears, and then reach the valley where you will be surrounded by the magnificent gorges. The gorges are up to 25 meters high and wide at the narrowest 2 meters and at the widest 4-5 meters.

On the territory of Motta di Camastra in Fondaco Motta is located the most impressive and famous gorge of Alcantara, more than 6 km long and easily accessible for the first 3 km. It is possible to visit them all year round thanks to organized itineraries.

The Alcantara Gorges are the only fluvial Park of Sicily, which offers suggestive and enchanting scenery, ideal for nature lovers and excursions.