Nature reserve in Sicily

Piscina di Venere

Nature reserve in Sicily

For hikers, nature enthusiasts, snorkelers, divers and explorers the Piscina di Venere on the Capo di Milazzo in Sicily is highly recommended.

  • 98057 Milazzo
    Messina, Sicily, Italy
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Natural swimming pool on the Capo di Milazzo in Sicily

Arriving at the free car park with various restaurants and bars, two different walking routes lead to the top of Capo di Milazzo. You need about 20 minutes by foot to the Piscina di Venere. You pass a church carved in stone, old fishermen's barracks, an olive grove, an ancient watchtower and the lighthouse.

The Piscina di Venere is a natural swimming pool with shallow and warm seawater, at the top of Capo di Milazzo in Sicily, separated by a reef from the sea. Ideal for "I only go into the sea when the seawater temperature has 30 °C "-folks, children who want splashing water and for researchers of the domestic marine animals.

In front of the reef, the dream of every dive-fan and snorkeler begins. In addition to starfishes and sea cucumbers, there are also many colorful fishes of all sizes. The diving center "Blunauta diving center Milazzo" is only 2 km away from the Piscina di Venere at the Riva Smeralda campsite.

Tip: Take flip-flops, suncream, a diving mask and snorkel as well as drinking water and a small snack with you. Toilets can be found in the bars and restaurants by the car park.


Drive to Milazzo and follow the signs "Capo". You can park your car in the free car park and then head to Capo di Milazzo via one of the two hiking trails.

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