Restaurant in Sicily

The best restaurants in Sicily for lovers of pizza and pasta

Sicilian cuisine is characterized by the rich yields of agriculture and fishing. Of course, the fertile volcanic soil around Mount Etna contributes a great amount, because thanks to its ash and the sun shining over 300 days a year, the harvests are so tasty and nutritious.

The turbulent history of Sicily is also reflected in the cuisine of today's restaurants. It is not without reason that it is one of the most varied in all of Italy. Therefore, in order not to lose track, we would like to recommend here the best restaurants in Sicily.

The basic building blocks of Sicilian cuisine are "pasta, pesce e pasticceria", that is, noodles, fish, and desserts. The delicious vegetables are mainly served with pasta dishes. Meat is rarely served, but delicious fish in all sizes and colors. Sicilian desserts are among the richest, not to say the most caloric, in the world.

We are sure you are hungry now, so we wish you "Buon appetito".

Dé­jà Vu ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

Dé­jà Vu


Highly recommended fish restaurant with Sicilian delicacies directly on the sea. Ideal for a romantic evening or a wedding on the beach.

Furnari, Messina

WineHouse Trapani ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

WineHouse Trapani


Trapani, Trapani

La Lampara ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

La Lampara


The restaurant La Lampara offers a great location with a terrace right on the sea and a great selection of sicilian dishes like fish and pizza.

Terme Vigliatore, Messina

La Conchiglia ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

La Conchiglia


Tonnarella, Messina

Da Pellegrino ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

Da Pellegrino


Santa Lucia del Mela, Messina

Osteria Tre Colli ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

Osteria Tre Colli


Scicli, Ragusa

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