Province of Palermo in Sicily

Discover Palermo and surroundings - the north of Sicily

We all know that Palermo is a beautiful city. But also the province of Palermo offers many beautiful places, like the beautiful Cefalù.

Cefalù ☀ Destination in Sicily



Indulge in seaside bliss in Cefalù's pristine beaches. Crystal-clear waters and thrilling adventures await you in Sicily's coastal town.

Cefalù, Palermo

Palermo ☀ Destination in Sicily



Palermo, on the northern coast of Sicily, is the fifth-largest city in Italy. If you want to experience life in Sicily, you can't miss Palermo.

Palermo, Palermo

Mondello ☀ Beach in Sicily



Mondello, the sandy beach of Palermo, was originally a fishing village. Today it is a beach resort with one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily.

Mondello, Palermo

Parco delle Madonie ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily

Parco delle Madonie

Nature reserve

Discover the wilderness of Parco delle Madonie! Immerse yourself in biodiversity, stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and outdoor adventures.

Castelbuono, Palermo

Palermo PMO ☀ Airport in Sicily

Palermo PMO


The airport of Palermo is the second largest on the island of Sicily and is named after two judges who were murdered by the mafia in 1992.

Cinisi, Palermo

Porto di Palermo ☀ Port in Sicily

Porto di Palermo


The port of Palermo is one of the most important ports for passenger traffic in the Mediterranean and ideal for arriving in Sicily by car ferry.

Palermo, Palermo

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