Province of Trapani in Sicily

What are the most visited places in the province of Trapani?

The province of Trapani offers many attractions such as the salt flats, the small bays of the nature reserve Orientata dello Zingaro and the Aegadian Islands.

Selinunte ☀ Monument in Sicily



Selinunt, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Sicily, offers numerous temples on a plateau with magnificent sea views.

Castelvetrano, Trapani

Trapani ☀ Destination in Sicily



The capital of the province of the same name fascinates not only with its ancient old town, but is also a testimony of wealth and trade

Trapani, Trapani

Saline di Trapani ☀ Nature reserve in Sicily

Saline di Trapani

Nature reserve

The Saline di Trapani e Paceco is a nature reserve at the west coast of Sicily. Besides Mediterranean flora and fauna, there is a saline work museum.

Nubia Paceco, Trapani

Erice ☀ Destination in Sicily



A medieval town centre with its historic buildings, a magnificent view and traditional delicious almond biscuits attract visitors to Erice.

Erice, Trapani

WineHouse Trapani ☀ Restaurant in Sicily

WineHouse Trapani


Trapani, Trapani

Trapani TPS ☀ Airport in Sicily

Trapani TPS


Trapani-Birgi Airport: starting point for unforgettable discoveries in the coastal town of Trapani and western Sicily - your adventure begins here.

Trapani, Trapani

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