Parco delle Madonie - Nature reserve in Sicily

The Madonie Nature Reserve is located on the northern coast of Sicily and offers since 1989 the most beautiful trails in the Mediterranean.


The Madonie Nature Reserve or Parco delle Madonie

Nature lovers and hikers will be delighted by the Madonie Nature Reserve. The nature reserve covers an area from the northern coast of Sicily, between Palermo and Cefalù, to the second-highest elevation in Sicily, the Carbonara Massif, at 1,979 meters above sea level. The Region of Sicily created the nature reserve in 1989 to protect one of the most extraordinary biodiversitys in the Mediterranean, as well as the many historical and cultural localities in the Madonie Mountains.

Impressive landscapes await you, with medieval villages, rare plants, giant trees and diverse wildlife. In 40,000 hectares of the Madonie Nature Reserve, over 1,600 plant organisms have been cataloged, confirming the richest biodiversity in Sicily.

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The best way to enter the Madonie nature reserve is from the direction of Cefalù. A good starting point is for example the "Pineta di Grotta Grattara" near the village of Gratteri. Castelbuono is also a good starting or ending point for hikes in the Madonie.

Here are the coordinates for your GPS:

  • Latitude: 37.877396842104
  • Longitude: 14.024817711353
  • 90013 Castelbuono
    Palermo, Sicily, Italy